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Please note: reports and dashboards in the "Analytics" section of your MOBI account are generated based on order date: the date/time the order was places, the reports in the "Sales" section of your MOBI account are generated based on expected date: the date/time the order was expected to be prepared. This can sometimes cause minor differences in figures reported.


Your order conversion rate measures how often visits to your online storefront are resulting in a sale. 

The order conversion rate is calculated as:

Order conversion rate = Count of successful orders / Count of orders started

Because of the way it is calculated, the highest your order conversion rate can be is 100% (all orders started are completed).

This metric helps you to understand how well your online storefront is turning guest visits into sales. Analysing your conversion rate can help you to identify opportunities to improve your online storefront, menu, or pricing, and increase your sales.

Your order conversion rate will often differ across online order channels (web, mobile apps, table ordering etc). Guests on web platforms tend to be at home or at work, having more time to explore and discover. Guests on mobile devices can be on the go, at home or at work but they want a simpler and more frictionless experience. Guests ordering at table (using a QR code in store) are far more likely to complete their purchase, since they have already chosen your business to eat at.

Frequently asked questions
Why is the conversion rate fluctuating over time?

  • Guests who are looking for food tend to look at multiple options before deciding.
  • More guests are coming to your online storefront from marketing campaigns. If you run marketing campaigns or promotions, you may be increasing the number of people who come to your storefront. However if the promotions are not hitting the right audience, or you are mostly acquiring new guests, you may be bringing guests who are not completing orders.
  • First time guests are usually less likely to complete an order than repeat guests. If you are seeing more first time guests, your conversion rate may be impacted as a result.
  • The order conversion rate often changes at different times of the day, and on different days of the week. People will often browse your menu (and start an order) during one time of the day or week, but actually place their order at a later time.
  • Lockdowns easing and people are looking at options to eat around them.

How does the conversion rate for my stores compare to others?

  • The average order conversion rate we see across all MOBI storefronts is about 20%. Depending on what digital order channels you are using through MOBI, and your particular storefront and menu, your conversion rate will differ. 

How can I increase my order conversion rate?
Some suggestions for increasing the likelihood of a successful order include:

  • Simplifying your product names and pricing.
  • Offering less choice in the menu.
  • Making sure marketing traffic is higher quality through improved targeting.
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