Guest counts

Your guest count measures the number of unique guests who have successfully placed an order with you. Your MOBI Analytics dashboard shows you total, new, and repeat guest counts over time. We identify unique guests based on either of:

  1. Their login email address.
  2. Anonymised payment card details if no login is required to order (for example, when a guest uses table ordering in store, they do not have to log in).

Your repeat guest rate measures what percentage of guests purchasing from your online store are repeat guests vs new guests.

repeat guest rate = repeat guests / total guests


New guests help you grow your business. There is an opportunity to turn them into repeat guests if they enjoyed the experience you offer and you can get them to come back. However, new guests also don’t know if you offer the food they want and need to be convinced to buy from you. As a result, new guests tend to have a lower order conversion rate than returning one

A new guest is a guest making their first order with your brand, a repeat guest is a guest who ordered in the specified time period, and who has ordered before. Because a guest can order twice in the same period of time, it is possible for them to be counted as both a new and repeat guest in the same period of time.

Ideally, you are seeing increasing orders from new guests, and also building loyalty with repeat guests. If you run regular acquisition marketing campaigns, you should see an increase in new guests. If you run regular retention marketing campaigns, you should see an increase in repeat guests. Because a high proportion of guests tend to come back for more than on purchase, a guest who has ordered for the first time will likely be worth multiple times the value of their initial order.

Frequently asked questions
How can I increase the number of repeat guest orders?

  • Offer a great first time experience, and most importantly great food.
  • If a guest has purchased from you before, they are much more likely to purchase again.
  • Build a loyalty program.
  • Use marketing campaigns to reach out to guests who have bought from you before.

How can I increase the number of new guest orders?

  • Use brand marketing techniques through social and search channels to acquire more audience.
  • Build your brand and establish a great brand value proposition.
  • Once they are on your site, offer a simple but great experience that converts them to a sale.
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