Understand product performance

Please note: reports and dashboards in the "Analytics" section of your MOBI account are generated based on order date: the date/time the order was places, the reports in the "Sales" section of your MOBI account are generated based on expected date: the date/time the order was expected to be prepared. This can sometimes cause minor differences in figures reported.


Understand which of the products on your menu are selling best, when they are selling and what they are selling with.

Top products by sales

Track which products you are selling the most of, and which are making you the most revenue using the Top products by sales Dashboard module.


Only the top 10 selling products are shown on your MOBI Analytics Dashboard. To see all product sales click “View report” to see details of all your product sales.

Product sales

You can use the product sales report to understand trends in sales of certain products over time and against one another. Use this information to make menu decisions, decide which products might be useful for promotions, or which may be over or under priced.

Product sales can be filtered by date, order type, order channel, and location using the panel at the top of the page. The data can also be displayed aggregated to the hour, day, week, or month by making the relevant selection.

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