Onboarding Spreadsheet

Creating the spreadsheet

In order to generate an onboarding spreadsheet please contact your Enterprise Onborder and they can share this with you.

Spreadsheet features


Store location and filtering


On the left hand side of the sheet we have the location names and IDs which is what triggers and pulls the automated information into the sheet.

The 'sort' column is currently blank as you can put whatever value you like in there to help you sort the sheet better. For example enterprise brands often split their locations by state so you would put NSW, SA, NT in the sort column and then use the regular google sheet filtering tool to help you.

You will also notice in the top right a running number of locations (167 stores in this example)

Store Settings


The numbers at the top of the grid show you the current number of stores that have set up a particular setting, you can compare this to the total number of stores I mentioned in the above section.

Each of the above settings will automatically generate with a tick once they have been completed by the store owner or franchisee.

POS Check - the check button is a button that will run the 'check connection' query on each store to check if the POS is online or not


You can share the sheet using the 'share button' and adding someone by email within the sheet.

Setting Definitions

Store hours - this is ticked if the hours have been changed at all from our default times (11am-6pm)

Payment settings - this is ticked if there are any payment processors on the location

POS Check - ticked if connection query returns as 'connection established' meaning the POS is connected and online

Credit card - this is ticked if there is credit card details saved

Billing Activated (store going live) - ticked if billing date has been set and activated

Store status - will return the same status as the overview page - Active will show as open or close, inactive or offline. Hidden stores will not show on the spreadsheet.

NB: Each of the above settings will automatically generate with a tick once they have been completed by the store owner or franchisee.

Sync and Menu


The sync button lives on the head office store overview and is used to refresh the sheet with the most current data. You won't be able to refresh this sheet from google.

Menus - this displays the front end name of the active menus per store

Tax Settings and sheet customisation


This section shows the trading name and tax number and above that the help section for the sheet.

Anything in yellow on the sheet can be written in and customised so that you can customise for your brand. You can add as many columns as you would like.

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