Skip the Queue

About Skip the Queue

Skip the Queue allows guests to order immediately on arrival to your store straight from their smartphones. This instant way to order completely removes the need for your guests to wait in line to place their order, they can simply order and sit back and wait for their food to be prepared. All these benefits, without the need to invest in expensive hardware. It’s more like a kiosk in your pocket, and we can set you up in seconds! 


The Benefits of Skip the Queue

✓ Less wait times

✓ Less staff requirements

✓ More efficient for you and your guests

✓ Increased revenue opportunities

✓ Covid-19 safe


How it works

  1. Display a printed QR code in-store for customers to scan and review your menu.
  2. Customers will choose their order and pay, all from their phones. Once the order is confirmed, they will receive a Collect ID and wait for it to be called.
  3. Customers orders will be sent immediately to your POS so your team can get started on preparation. No need for customers to login or to add the store location, we already know this because they used your unique QR code.
  4. Once the order is ready, your staff will call out the associated Collect ID and see your customers off with their fresh and delicious meal. 




MOBI supports Skip the Queue on all leading POS providers, Orders for Windows and the MOBI printer. 

Skip the Queue can be added to your plan at no additional cost, however, you’ll need to be using MOBI Payments. You can create a MOBI Payments account in under 10 minutes - check out our MOBI Payments support article for more information. Find out more about MOBI Payments here. 


How to get set up

  1. Let a MOBI representative know you’d like to set up Skip the Queue.
  2. Double check your pick-up hours are correctly set up in your MOBI store settings.
  3. We will send you your new Skip the Queue QR Codes.
  4. Print off your QR codes and place them wherever you like - maybe on the walls within the store or on the front window. Simple as that!
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