About MOBI Kiosks

Put digital technology at the heart of your restaurant with MOBI Kiosks. With a highly visual, optimised menu, you get to create the streamlined ordering guests want, all the while boosting order values and increasing in-store efficiency too. Plus, they can be free standing, wall mounted or on a table, the choice is yours.


The Benefits of Kiosks

✓ Faster in-store ordering 

✓ Reduced wait times and queues

✓ Decreases labour costs

✓ Engaging menus that drive bigger order values

✓ Upsell opportunities

✓ Increased order accuracy

✓ Covid-19 safe with social distancing

✓ Contactless ordering, payment and pick up



How they work

  1. Customers line up at an available self-serve Kiosk in-store to browse your menu and add selected items to their cart
  2. Once they have added all their preferred items to their cart, they can proceed to checkout. Here, they will be prompted to choose either Pickup (Takeout) or to Eat In. If the guest chooses to eat in, they can add a table number to receive their order. If they choose takeout they will be assigned a Collect ID number.
  3. Customers pay using the payment terminal attached to the kiosk.
  4. Customers orders will be sent immediately from your Kiosk to the location's POS, so your team can get started. 
  5. After payment, if customers choose takeout they wait for staff to call their Collect ID number, signalling their order is ready/



Setting up Kiosks takes a little more time than some of our other in store solutions, as it involves configuring the hardware for your kiosk and payment terminal. Because we want to ensure the Kiosk is tailored to the needs of your business, you’ll need to reach out to a MOBI representative to get the process started.


How to get set up

Simply reach out to a MOBI representative to let them know you’d like to learn more about our Kiosks.

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