Managing the availability to receive orders on aggregators

The "Active | Inactive" feature is now available on MOBI for the aggregators (DoorDash, Uber Eats, and Skip the Dishes).

If you need to temporarily deactivate one or some of these aggregators, you can easily do it from your store dashboard.


If you want to stop customers from ordering on DoorDash, you can set DoorDash as "Inactive" for as long as you choose and let customers know theyโ€™ll need to go to the counter to order.

Remember to set the methods back to "Active" when you are ready to accept online orders.


How to use this new feature

  1. On your store dashboard, you will see the different methods of receiving orders (depending on what methods are set for your store) at the bottom right corner of the page.

    Note: All these methods should always be on "Active" by default


  2. If you want to pause one of these ordering methods, click on the "Active | Inactive" button. The option will now show as "Inactive" in red and customers won't be able to order from that method.


  3. When you are ready to start receiving orders from the "Inactive' method, just click the button again to "Active" that method. Customers will now be able to order from that method again. 
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