Menu Availability Tags

The availability of menus can be controlled with tags. This can 
only be used at the menu level, not with products, categories, or modifiers.

Tag format:

The -between-{time-of-day}-{time-of-day} and -on-{day-of-week} conditions work based on the expected time of the order.

This means, for example, you could order from the dinner menu at lunchtime if you schedule your order during when the dinner menu is available.


In the Menu Editor, select where you would like the field to appear. Add an availability tag to the Tag filed for a certain menu.



Using Multiple Tags

Multiple tags can be used per menu. If at least one `only-available-` tag is on a menu, then the menu will only be available if at least one tag is meeting its conditions. i.e., A menu will be available if at least one of its availability tags is meeting all its conditions.

e.g., If a menu had the following tags:


Then the menu will be available if:

order method is pickup and it's expected for friday and saturday

if the order method is delivery and it will be valid for all days

Things to be aware of - 

  • The menu availability function only works for menus assigned to the location. So ensure that all relevant menus have been assigned to relevant locations.
  • Menus that are affected by these tags will be hidden and not be visible to customers.
  • Multiple tags can be used on a menu. Ensure availability does not overlap (e.g. If a store has opening hours from 8:30AM-6:00PM; Menu 1 = only-available-between-1100-1600 & Menu 2 = only-available-between-0830-1059,only-available-between-1601-1800).
  • If both menus are showing and you don't want them to you can set your tags over a 24-hour period. E.g. Breakfast from 0001-1100 and other menu from 1101-2359


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