Tabs for Table Ordering

About Tabs

Ordering with friends has never been easier. Using MOBI’s new Tabs feature, customers can start a tab for themselves and place multiple orders, and only pay once at the end. Not only that, if users are with a group, the tab owner can share their unique code with everyone at the table. This allows guests to order simultaneously from their own devices, while keeping the payment all on one card - the tab owner's card. 

The Benefits

Your Customers:

  • Order what they want, when they want
  • Ordering from their own devices on a single tab is more efficient
  • Multiple guests, one simple payment
  • Customers can easily order more than once in a sitting
  • Freedom to set limits on the tab
  • Covid-19 friendly

Your Business: 

  • Reduced staffing requirements
  • Guaranteed payment
  • Allows staff to focus on the guest experience 
  • Potential higher average order value
  • Covid-19 friendly

How it works

Ordering Through Tabs

  • Guests can start a tab immediately after scanning your QR code, or after they’ve added their order to their cart. Guests will be prompted to enter their payment details, and they will be given the option to set a tab limit.
  • To invite other guests to join the tab they can share their unique Tab Code. Tab Codes can be shared by reading aloud or shared in a message to friends. Once guests have joined a tab, they can order at their leisure and know everything will be billed back to the Tab owner’s card.
  • Tab owners can see when they’re approaching their tab limit, then they can either top it up or close out. Tab limits can be increased or decreased at any time. 
  • When guests are finished, they can manually close the tab. If guests forget to close their tab, it’s no stress on them or you! We will automatically close idle tabs after 2 hours of inactivity


Payment of Tabs

  • Tabs are safe, with full payment guaranteed! When a guest starts a tab, they will enter their card details and MOBI’s technology will verify that the card is valid. 
  • The card will then be charged every time a new order is sent to the kitchen.
  • A guest will be unable to place an order if the card has insufficient funds, or if the order will exceed the tab limit.


If you already have Table Ordering set up with MOBI, Tabs will work with your existing POS provider, though some other conditions may apply. You’ll also need to be set up for MOBI Payments. If you have questions about the set up requirements or you’re ready to get started, reach out to our MOBI Support team today at

For more information, view our Tabs FAQs here.

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