Tabs FAQs

To read an overview of our Tabs feature, please click here.

How does Tabs work?

When guests place their order, they will have the option to start a tab. A tab makes it possible for multiple guests in a group to order and pay on a single card. 

How can I see the Tabs my guests have started?

  • From your Store Overview page click the “View Group Tabs” button to see all of the tabs created.
  • This screen shows you the status of all of the tabs, the tab owner details, the limits and the current order total. If the tab has closed, click on the Tab ID to view the tab receipt.


How do I get the Tabs receipt?

  • Tab owners will receive the full tab receipt if they have entered their email address on the Tab Management screen.
  • If you need to find the receipt, go to the Group Tabs page and click on the Tab ID for the relevant tab. This will be blue if the tab is closed and there is a receipt available.

Can I see who added items to the Tab?

  • The receipts are split out by orders and the name of the person who placed that order. Great for when your friends are going to pay you back afterwards! (“We know it was you who ordered the bottle of rum, Bob!”)
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