How to use order limits

Spread out your customer orders by setting limits that match your kitchen capacity and your driver availability. 

Adding this feature will allow you to more easily control your flow of orders in MOBI. 

How order limits work

Kitchen Limits 

This is a revenue limit for pick up orders. It evenly spreads the revenue limit over the time slots you have in your storefront. When you hit your limit — let’s say for 6pm — customers will automatically see the next available ordering time. Please note in store orders (like MOBI table and kiosk orders) are never limited, but their values do count towards the limits.

Delivery Limits

This is the maximum number of delivery orders you want to take in an hour per hour. We’ll evenly spread these into the ordering slots you have set.


Turning on order limits 

Limits are set on a store level. You'll need to get the MOBI team to activate this feature for you. 

  1. Submit a support ticket and we'll activate this feature
  2. Go to your Store Dashboard
  3. Settings > Order limiting Screen_Shot_2021-09-24_at_2.36.10_PM.png
  4. Edit your Order Limits 


Working out a sensible limit 

Kitchen Limits 

The best method for working out your order limits is to work out your average order value. This is frequently higher online than in store. Here's a suggested method to start working things out. 

  1. Go to your Store Sales page 
  2. Look at a months worth of orders (or more) 
  3. Divide the total revenue by the number of orders you received. 

This will give you an accurate Average Order Value. 

Now multiply your Average Order Value by the number of orders you'd like to get in an hour. 

This will give you a sensible revenue order limit. You'll be able to see the breakdown of how we spread out that number over your storefront time slots. 

Then you'll want to tweak from there. 

Delivery Limits

This is something you can set depending on your maximum delivery capacity. 





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