Integrating with DoorDash Drive

DoorDash Drive is a convenient, fixed-price option for managing deliveries. 

Availability for DoorDash Drive 

As part of the sign-up process, DoorDash Drive will check that you're able to use the service.  

How to get set up for deliveries 

To use our integration with DoorDash Drive you need to have a signed agreement and account with DoorDash. This will give you an account ID. MOBI needs an External Business ID from DoorDash to work. You'll be able to ask the team there if you don't know what yours is. 

Sign up for DoorDash Drive

Once you've got a DoorDash External Business ID, submit this along with your request to, and our team will help you get set up in MOBI. 

Submit a ticket to the MOBI team

How does preparation and delivery time work with DoorDash Drive?

There are generally two types of wait times in MOBI for delivery. One is preparation time and the other is drive time.

  1. Prep(short for Preparation) Time - The average time it takes for your kitchen to prepare an order
  2. Drive Time - The average time it takes to deliver the order from your store to a customer address

Once you've set these, MOBI automatically calculates your Wait Times:

  • Your Pickup Wait Time is the same as your Prep Time.
  • Your Delivery Wait Time is the total of Prep Time + Drive Time

In the case of DoorDash Drive, only the Prep time is configurable. The drive time is provided by DoorDash Drive. This is because drive time can vary based on multiple factors like the number of drivers available with DoorDashDrive at a given time, the drive distance, etc.

The final delivery time displayed to the customer is the prep time + drive time (provided by DoorDash Drive).

If the delivery time is usually coming high, you can reduce the prep time if possible to ensure the delivery time is lowered. The drive time cannot be configured when drivers are provided by DoorDashDrive.

For more information on how drive time is calculated, please reach out to DoorDashDrive.

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