How to refund an order?

Things you need to know before refunding an order

  • The refund feature is only available for full refund. For partial refund, you will need to reach out to us at
  • It will only be available for the users who are using MOBI Payments.  Any other payment gateway, you will have to refund it via your payment gateway account.
  • Make sure to login to MOBI admin with the account that you've used to create the MOBI Payments account.
  • The refund process cannot be reversed which means once it is done, you will not be able to reverse it.
  • How to get the order id? It will usually be located under the email confirmation receipt or in the failed order notification.


Step by step guide to Refunding a full order

Step 1
Go to sales page

Step 2
Click on "More option"

Step 3
Enter the order id into the order id field


Step 4
Click on search​

Step 5
Click on return icon.


And you are done! Your customer will receive notification that their refund is on the way.

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