Add a Surcharge to Online Payments

There are sometimes situations where some businesses opt to add a surcharge to online payments for their digital orders. This could be $1 or 2%, or any amount you choose - read on for simple instructions on how to set this up.


Surcharges are set at the Store level. If you are on the Head Office dashboard, click on a store to set a surcharge for that store.



How to add a surcharge to all online payments

  1. In MOBI from the store's Dashboard, click SETTINGS from the grey navigational pane
  2. Locate Payment Settings and click EDIT.
  3. Under the Payment Gateway, click CHANGE to add a surcharge
  4. Select whether you'd like to add a percent or fixed amount, add the corresponding number, click SAVE





Pro Tip

If you only want to set a surcharge for a specific date, you can use our Holidays feature to set a surcharge, special opening hours, or mark your store as Closed for a specific date, without changing the rest of your settings. Click here to learn how

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