Updating your MOBI Payments account

If you've been contacted by our team about updating your account, it's important you get this done as soon as possible.

Your customers won't be able to complete payments for orders and your disbursements will be paused. 


Who can update my account? 

The person who set up your MOBI Payments account is the only one who'll be able to see, update, and make changes. The account is connected with this user and email. 

I don't know who owns my account

You'll need to contact support

The person who owns my account has left 

If you have access to their email login for MOBI, you'll be able to log in and update the account. Otherwise, we can update your account to the new owner. This will take some time, so please contact support as soon as you can.

In rare cases, we might get you to make a new payments account. 

How do I update my payments account? 

Log in using the email address that's associated with your payments account. Remember you won't be able to update using any other email. 

Then you'll need to: 

  1. Go to Store Settings 
  2. Payment Settings 
  3. Create / Edit accounts
  4. You'll see any accounts you own 

Here's an example of an account that needs updates: 

You'll find the things that need updating in the "Business Details" section. 

Here's an example of a missing requirement. You'll need to work out which ones apply to you. We can help you do that through support if you're finding it tricky. 


Common problems and how to solve them

Most of these errors can be solved by making sure your business information is accurate and matches the exact names and addresses you’ve supplied on your ID or Business document.

We’ll be able to tell you what’s missing in your account if you get stuck. It’s a good idea to keep these documents saved, as more updates might be needed later on.

You're missing a company document 

This is an official business document used to verify the address you've provided in the form. 

In New Zealand, the easiest way to get a valid form is through the NZBN website, where you can download your Company Extract document. 

The address on your company document doesn't match 

You'll need to make sure the address in your company document is identical to the one you provide later in the form. 

You're missing information about your Business Representative or Owner 

Commonly you'll be missing a personal email, phone number, or Personal ID document.

I need more help

We have a team working to get these accounts sorted as soon as possible. However, there's quite a few to get to. Our team can't see all the information about your payments account (for security reasons), so it's often easier for you to have a go updating it first. 

Then, submit a support ticket


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