How to launch Table Ordering

Ready to launch Table ordering?

If you've signed up for Table Ordering and been told by our team that it's ready to use, this means:

5 Steps to Taking your first Table order through Mobi2Go

    1. Ensure that your ‘Eat In’ hours have been set up correctly in your Mobi2Go Store Settings. These are the hours when guests will be able to place Table orders. Eat In Hours can be activated and edited in Settings > Opening Hours. Let know if you need help
    2. Display a QR code on each of your tables. Depending on how you've chosen to display your QRs, this might be printed on your menu, or on a table card that fits into a stand. 
    3. Guests place orders and pay at the same time, and are offered the option to be sent a receipt - so your staff don’t need to take payment or print receipts
    4. Guest orders will print at your POS like your other orders, with Eat In and the table number shown
    5. Bring your guests their delicious food and drinks, and remind them they can order more with a quick scan of the QR code!

Tracking Table ordering sales

Remember - You can track all of your sales from Table ordering, along with the rest of your Mobi2Go sales, by clicking on the Sales tab and viewing your Sales Reports.

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