How to create a holiday marketing campaign

It's easy to add special seasonal items to your MOBI menu. But don't stop there - we've got a suite of features designed to power your digital marketing efforts and get results.

Here's our suggested action plan for creating a holiday marketing campaign. Use it as a checklist for an end-to-end campaign, or take what you need to amplify your existing marketing activities.


Add your Holiday products or menu to MOBI

If you offer special holiday menu items, we make it easy to swap in a temporary seasonal menu with no interruption to your customers.

Watch this quick on-demand webinar on how to add a holiday menu, and rest assured that if you've already got a POS integration and menu with MOBI, this is a quick and easy process. 

Create a promotional deal with your featured products

Customising a promotional voucher is easy in MOBI. You can promote a range of deals, based on your MOBI menu and integrated with your existing payments and POS configuration.

Our Voucher console is easy to use, and versatile enough to customise a deal for:

  • % off a specific product or total order
  • 2 for 1 (or X items for $Y)
  • Free delivery with a minimum spend
  • Any custom combo based on your menu

Check out this case study of one MOBI customer who achieved a 10% increase in online orders during their New Menu campaign using a promotional voucher. And if you're new to the Voucher console, watch this 10-minute on-demand webinar on how to create a voucher.

Get the word out to your customers

Link directly to your featured items

Once you've got your seasonal menu items in MOBI promote them in all your marketing channels.

Your regular menu link takes customers to your whole menu - but did you know you can create a special link that takes them directly to a specific product or category in your menu? Check out our article on Query Strings for Marketing to learn how.

A simple message like 'Get two burgers for $20 this week - Add the code 2FOR20 at checkout!' is most effective, and you can add a link to your Burger category to make it easier.

Export customised marketing lists

With MOBI, you own your data - we give you the tools to leverage it.

Encourage your existing customers to order again by sending a promo code to your customer list, easily downloaded with one click from your MOBI Sales dashboard. This is an essential list for rewarding your existing customers with a special holiday deal, enticing them to return sooner than they might have otherwise. 


More advice on marketing and the holidays

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