Product Update: Store Internal Name

16 September 2020


You can now set a Public and Internal store name for your Mobi2Go stores.

You've always been able to have Public and Internal names for your menus, products, and modifier groups. Now we've made it easier for you track your internal store codes and names in non-public reports and admin pages, without compromising your brand in public-facing places.


What's changing?

  • In your Store Settings, there's a new field called Store Internal Name
  • This internal name is used in your Mobi2Go Dashboard, Admin pages, and Reports
  • Your Public name is still used anywhere that's visible to your customers, like Order Confirmation emails and your Mobi2Go storefront (menu and ordering page).
  • Here's what you'll find in your Store Settings:



How does the change impact my store?

Your customers won't be impacted

One way the change might impact customers

For example


Check your Store Settings - or leave them as they are

If you haven't touched the new Store Internal Name setting, it will just be copied from your existing Store Name, as below:


If you have only one store, or your company does not use any additional codes or internal naming conventions, then there's no need to change your Store Internal Name.


Better reporting for your team

If your company does use additional codes or internal naming conventions to identify stores or regions, this is a great time to review your use of the Store Internal Name in your Mobi2Go settings, and change them to improve your team's operations.

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